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About Dr. KAY

My name is Dr. Kelly Alvarado-Young. You can call me Dr. KAY for short. I hold a Ph.D. in adult education, a 200-hour registered yoga teacher, Reiki Level II practioner and am la jefa at La Brega Yoga Flow & Wellness. The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic allowed me (cough, cough) REQUIRED me to sit and reevaluate my life. How was I living a life in alignment with my desire to help people, especially other Latinas? How was I breaking generational cycles of trauma? Yo, what was I doing to stop playing into the capitalist, White, heteronormative, cis-gendered, female wellness space? I said to myself, "whoa I need comunidad, to heal with others who have similar stories or understand the struggle of immigrants, and who were navigating the world holding onto the cultura of our familiar and challenging the status quo for a more equitable world." I looked and looked and couldn't find a space so I created this space here.

As a first-generation, Puertoriccan, Latina, Mami, & Scholar from NY now living in the Pacific Northwest, it was important to me to find a wellness space where I could bring my fullest self. Yoga and meditation have helped me heal from generational trauma, become a domestic violence survivor, and show up for myself as well as my comunidad. Now I feel I am living a life inflow.

La vida es unica! I promise to live a life fighting for equity and rest for Latina and Femme folxs cultivating a pathway towards healing through yoga, meditation, and wellness coaching.