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Spring 2022

Wellness Chisme Chat is a podcast where guests co-create a space to share how they incorporate wellness into their lives from a BI&POC perspective. We may experience pain, trauma, and hardships as we work to build a more equitable world. That's why it's more important than ever to build a space we can post up with our cafecito to center how we care for ourselves, the community, and world.

Ep. 0
Introducing...the Wellness
Chisme Chat

Join Dr. KAY on the Wellness Chisme Chat where BI&POC identified guests co-create a space to share how they incorporate wellness into their lives. Guests answer the question, "in one word does wellness mean to you?"

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Ep. 1
Lesline Pittman Wellness Mean.... Freedom

Guest: Lesline Pittman
Registered Nurse by 🌞
Speaker + Yoga Teacher at 🌙
Wife + Mom to 2 under 3
Helping stressed-out moms who suffer from exhaustion regain their time and energy.

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Ep. 2

Sheryl Redding-Humphrey

 Wellness Means.... Self-Care

Reflection offered her a chance to identify what she likes about herself, what she didn't like about herself. With the newfound self-awareness, Sheryl has fine-tuned how she shows up to bring her best version of herself to the spaces she occupies. 

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Ep. 4

Joel Pérez, Ph.D., ACC

Wellness Means....Life-Long

Learn how Joel uses contemplative prayer and communication to navigate challenges as he works to build a more equitable world.

Ep. 4

Erica Ramos-Thompson

 Wellness Means.... Slowness

As a woman-identifying person with hyphenated identities, she has been fascinated and drawn to what Gloria Anzaldúa calls borderlands- those of us who occupy a space of in-betweenness whether that is our physical location or the identities we hold in our bodies. Taking moments of rest have helped her reframe life's priorities. 

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Ep. 5

Chad & Camesha Little

Wellness Means...Fitness

During their relationship, Chad has successfully lost and kept off 170 lbs. Camesha has overcome a major medical incident. Their individual determination and collective support for one another has aided in their efforts.


Prioritizing wellness is front and center for the Littles since they both work in helping professions. Chad as a social worker and Camesha as an attorney.

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Ep. 6

Jennifer Lara

 Wellness Means.... Fulfillment

Financial Education Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer, and busy momma committed to empowering individuals on financial growth.She has dedicated her time to working with other First Generation Professionals on their financial journey. This includes learning money management, money mindset, saving, and investing to end generational poverty.


Ep. 7

Dr Ly Franshaua Pipkins, PsyD

Wellness Means...Peace

Money Mindset Coach & Founder at The Wellthy Black Girl Method Mindset Mastery for Black Therapists.

Ep. 8

Delsy Sandoval

 Wellness Means.... Honesty

Join Delsy Sandoval, Host of the @ocupasionpodcast, as she shares how honesty shows up in her self-care journey. This episode has so many pearls of wisdom. Here are some of the top one:

"It’s ok, to be honest, be direct and put yourself somewhere on the top of that [to-do] list"

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This Could Be You!

Wellness Means...???

Dr. KAY is always looking for stories to tell of how BIPOC wellness is displayed in all it's diversity. 

If you want to be on a future episode, please make an appointment to chat with Dr. KAY or pick an interview slot. Let's share some cafecito and chisme!