Are you ready to be your most authentic self?
Are you la buena, la fuerte, or la perfecta?

I'm Ready to Discover My Mi'ja Personality

Let's meet La Mi'jas that you may be playing into so that you can then meet La Hermanas as you live into your most authentic and confident self!

La Buena

Esta Mi'ja put others' feelings and needs above her own to the point of burnout or emotional trauma. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

La Buena.png
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La Fuerte

Esta Mi'ja is always there for everyone else. She doesn't let anyone be there for her. She may struggle with vulnerability which can build strong emotional bonds with others.

Copy of La Perfecta.png
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La Perfecta

Esta Mi'ja does everything everyone else tells her to do. She may not know what she really wants because she is always doing what other people think is right.

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Who Are You?

Learn more about the limiting beliefs we have that are holding us back from being our most authentic and confident selves! 

Dr. KAY is here to support you!

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Latina, Mami, Yogi, Coach, Dr. Kelly Alvarado-Young Developed the Mi'ja Personality Quiz Free For You 

We all have our ideas of who we are and who others think we are en la vida. Be confident in the Latina that you are by knowing which Mi'ja you have been playing into and transform her into la Hermana you know you are inside. Vamos, claim your most authentic and confident self!



I had been under a huge amount of stress and needed space to regroup and get my mind right. After just one session Kelly gave me the tools to ground myself, be in the present moment, and calm my mind. It was truly restoring and I highly recommend her services to everyone.